Each Year We are Influenced to Live More and Heal a certain Theme of our Lives, by Attracting Situations related to the then current ‘House’.











Earth’s Humanity as a whole


House 1


Path. Wash the past. Regeneration phase. Slow starts.

Time for ideas and seeds. Calm and good for reflection period.

Good for training flexibility and tolerance and developing the spiritual side and personal growth.

Health issues that were not fully resolved and arise at this stage for your healing.

Everything is latent, there may be a sense of scarcity.

House 2


Me and the Other. Plow the earth and prepare the land. It seems that nothing happens but when we look better, everything is going to its place. Good for dealing with structure. It’s a great phase to clean and drop excesses.

Good for approaching people who are dear to us. Strengthens the ties.

Concerns and insecurities may arise.

Slow and difficult developments but always for the better.

House 3


Family. Good to start and move forward, risk without hesitation, projects, relationships, …

Materialization of ideas and projects. News, growth.

Rapid energy that promotes growth but can also baffle the less rooted.

It may be necessary to cultivate flexibility in human relationships, especially with older ones.

Sudden turns and tameless phase.

House 4


Blessing. Progress, Properity and Creativity. Being in the Right Place at the Right Time.

Good for Developing Intelligence and Communication. Promotes Expansion and Travel. Good for Changes.

Everything that formed in the previous phase Develops in a More Harmonious way.

It is a Phase of Great Harmony. We can Disperse Easily however.

Great changes and multiple orientation.

House 5


Balance and Health. It is the healing phase of the past or everything that has not been resolved.

We move in all directions. This promotes power and also unpredictability.

It’s good for us to cultivate acceptance and be attentive to the signs of life — it guides us. Good phase to Make Readjustments and evaluate each and every situation well.

Avoid Important and Definitive Decisions. (Do) Not impose too much our will and Follow the Path that opens itself naturally in front of us.

Sensation of Crisis and (ReStarts).

House 6


Philanthropy. The Sense of Direction. The Respect, the “Personal Valuation” and Dignity are at our service. We have the Heaven Force.

In this phase we can take decisions more safely and with more control of the situations.

Much easier to deal with money and material realization.

It can be a more tense and less flexible phase.

Good to train/practice mental and emotional flexibility and avoid the arrogant, insensitive and closed conduct.

Phase of realization. Sensation of zenith.

House 7


Creativity. Phase for relaxing, “harvest” fruits and appreciate the pleasures of life. Easy to return to being a child and living the fun side of life.

It can be good for a vacation, a romance, and enjoying the pleasures of life.

Careful with the lack of satisfaction and with excesses. There can be emotional oscillation.

Good to Start to end life cycles or to disinvest from something or to prepare the personal retirement.

Progresses are easy and the sensation of easiness is present.

House 8


Spiritually. In this phase there can appear suddenly changes, even unexpected and sudden. They can be very positive but cause discomfort and lack of control.

It’s a good phase to clean the interior frustrations, the emotions.

Friends show up in this phase. The social side can be less easy.

Careful with stagnation and laziness.

We should focus on the essential and be prepared for the unpredictable.

The intellectual and spiritual development is recommended.

House 9


Enlightenment. Everything is fast. Interior and exterior Visibility.

We are full of light. Everything gains visibility.

Very good phase to be noted and valued but also to be pointed at for something less positive.

Meeting different people. Creativity and public relations at service.

Phase in which we are obligated to close everything that stayed behind.

It’s necessary to be genuine and sincere not to attract the antipathy and mistrust from/of others.

We might have the unpleasant sensation of consuming ourselves.

This too volatile and fast energy can originate misunderstandings, wars and divorces.

It’s the uncovering of truths and the recognition of what is fundamental.