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Universities / February 20, 2020

ssp17 1“ISU maintains a long-standing relation with Ireland and has a considerable number of Irish alumni, also thanks to the support of scholarship grants from Enterprise Ireland. We are pleased to note that the space passion of a number of our alumni and the interest in space activities in Ireland have led to a great proposal to hold for the first time in ISU’s history a session in Ireland. We are much looking forward to this opportunity” declared Prof. Walter Peeters, President of ISU.

CIT President, Dr. Brendan J. Murphy stated:

"CIT is delighted to host SSP 2017 and we look forward to an event that will live long in the memory and have a positive impact not only on the participants, but also on our own faculty and students, as well as companies and communities in the region."

SSP17 Director Dr. Omar Hatamleh states:

"International Space University is delighted to bring its flagship Space Studies Program to Ireland for the first time, and we are pleased to partner with the Cork Institute of Technology for what will be a memorable summer of National, International and Interdisciplinary professional development. Participants will be immersed in ISU's world-class brand of space education while surrounded with the culture of the Emerald Isle, the incredible facilities at CIT, and majestic destinations like the Blackrock Castle Observatory."

Dr. Niall Smith, Head of Research, Cork Institute of Technology points out:

ssp17 2“Space science is a rapidly growing area with significant commercial potential for companies from across a very diverse range of sectors including food and nutrition, healthcare, logistics, ground supports, high precision engineering and even rocket scientists. We look forward to working with ISU faculty in developing a greater awareness amongst Irish companies of these opportunities and how best to access them.”

More information on the host site:


ISU Space Studies Program SSP17 – Chair Announcement

This year again a large number of faculty applied to be a chair of either the core lectures, departments or team projects, all of which compose the two-month Space Studies Program (SSP).

After confirmation from ISU’s academic council on the selection of the chairs for SSP17, Dr. Omar Hatamleh, SSP17 director states:

"The SSP17 chairs have been selected! We are happy to have a great diverse team of chairs with solid experience for the next Space Studies Program. The Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) will next year host the 30th Space Studies Program run by the International Space University. During the program, hundreds of space exploration experts will share their knowledge with participants drawn from around the world."

Congratulations to the SSP17 chairs, co-chairs and associate chairs!

Core Lectures:

ISU ssp17 poster BDChris Welch - England (Co-Chair)
Geoff Steeves - Canada (Co-Chair)
Niamh Shaw - Ireland (Associate Chair)


Space Applications APP
Su-Yin Tan - Canada (Chair)

Space Engineering ENG
Dennis Irwin - USA (Chair)

Human Performance in Space HPS
Ana Diaz Artiles - Spain (Chair)

Space Humanities HUM
Ruth McAvinia - Ireland (Chair)

Space Management and Business MGB
Remco Timmermans - Netherlands (Co-Chair)
Daniel Rockberger - Israel (Co-Chair)

Space Sciences SCI
Eric Dahlstrom - USA (Chair)

Space Policy, Economics & Law Department PEL
Ray Williamson - USA (Chair)
Timiebi Aganaba - Nigeria (Associate Chair)

Team Projects:

Entrepreneurial and Innovation Ecosystem for Space
Gary Martin - USA (Co-Chair)
Norah Patten - Ireland (Co-Chair)

The Future of ISS
Dan Glover - USA (Chair)
Jan Walter Schroeder - Germany (Associate Chair)

A Roadmap for Building a Strong National Space Industry
Ed Chester - England (Co-Chair)
Rob Hill - Ireland (Co-Chair)

SSP17 TP descriptions

Entrepreneurial and Innovation Ecosystem for Space

A revolution is underway as the commercial space industry is starting to take off. Aerospace companies are now able to attract new customers to the emerging space market and there is less and less dependence on government stimuli. This dynamic global context carries the promise of opening the new frontier to exploration and development in ways not anticipated by the established industry.
Investments from venture capitalists along with novel methodologies to raise capital, such as crowdsourcing, are providing opportunities for entrepreneurial space companies to gain a foothold in this expanding market. Investments between 2005 and 2012 were estimated at around US$12B-and this support is expected to continue as the new industry develops.

Source: www.isunet.edu