Department of Physics

University of Wyoming Astronomy

Universities / March 25, 2016

The graduate PhD program in Physics & Astronomy is a small, personal, yet challenging environment where graduate students will receive advanced instruction and guidance to grow as independent research scientists while using unique research facilities in astronomy and physics. The strengths of the program lie in a faculty committed to excellence in instruction and individual mentoring.

Unique research facilities include Wyoming's own 2.3 meter telescope, the largest solely owned and used by a single university, on nearby 9656 ft. Jelm Mountain, the 0.6 m Red Buttes Observatory, several experimental condensed matter physics laboratories, and the new National Center for Atmospheric Research Supercomputer. WIRO is the largest optical telescope in the world owned by a single institution; our astronomy graduate students have the opportunity to carry out substantial observational thesis projects.

The physics & astronomy graduate program is designed to help students mature as research scientists and as professional teachers. We formally offer a PhD in physics with concentrations in astronomy, solid state physics, and materials science. The latter program brings together researchers with a materials science and engineering related focus, promoting wider collaboration and enhancing educational experiences. More information can be found .

Specialities in sold-state physics, using both theoretical and experimental approaches, include: quantum dot sensitized solar cells, magnetic transport, heat transport in nanostructures, fast quantum nonequilibrium processes of electron transfer in solar cells, as well as spintronics. Specialties in astronomy, using space-based and ground-based observations as well as computational approaches, include: galaxies, active galaxies and quasars, observational cosmology, planet formation and exoplanets, star-forming regions and massive binary stars.

We also offer a Master's in Science Teaching. This program prepares future educators to teach at the high school or college level.

More details on all of our doctorate and master's programs can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook, the authoritative source with all the requirements for our students.

How to Apply

We will begin to review applications after January 15, 2017. Students of all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and countries of origin are encouraged to apply.

Applications should include:

-Resume or CV

-Undergraduate transcript

-A Personal Statement that says why you want to pursue a PhD, why Wyoming is a good fit for you, and what experiences you've previously had completing long-term projects

-GRE scores (the general exam is required and the physics subject exam is recommended)

-TOEFL for non-native English speakers

Upon admission to our program, a $50 application fee will be assessed.

Our department does not have minimal acceptable scores for standardized tests (e.g. general and subject GREs, TOEFL) and will review all applications on their total merits. Prospective graduate students expecting support as teaching assistants will be expected to know English sufficiently well to perform their duties. We normally expect to provide financial support to all of our admitted PhD students through graduate assistantships, or for teaching or conducting research with funded faculty members, assuming satisfactory progress.