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Top universities for Physics undergraduate

Universities / August 13, 2018

You asked what the top universities to study physics are, "other than these top ranked ones." This is a problematic question because the universities that aren't ranked highly in this area definitionally are not the top universities for physics.

And by no means is study at a top university required. If you can't study at one or don't want to, that's fine. Your local college will offer courses in physics. If you do wish to study at a top university for physics, check out the rankings published by US News and World Report. They are the most respected rankings in the college business.

Their rankings for give the top 10 physics universities in order as follows: MIT, UC Berkeley, University of Chicago, Harvard, University of Tokyo, Stanford, Caltech, Princeton, UC Santa Barbara, and the University of Cambridge.

You also asked for a school that was good in undergraduate education. Two of the universities that rank in the top 10 for physics also rank in the top 10 for undergraduate education in the US News 2015 rankings. They are Princeton (ranked #1) and Stanford (ranked #7).

I can personally attest to the fact that Princeton excels in both physics and undergraduate teaching. My roommate is an aerospace and mechanical engineering major, so he's taken his share of physics classes. From the amount of studying he does, I can tell you it's rigorous stuff. Good physics is in the university's blood. There's one room in the Frist Student Center - formerly the Palmer Physics Laboratory - that has never been renovated. The room belonged to professor Albert Einstein, who taught a preceptorial class to undergraduates there.