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New Mexico State University Astronomy

Universities / October 20, 2014

Thank you for your interest in our graduate program. All the basic information you need to complete an application to the NMSU graduate astronomy program is available on this web site and at NMSU Graduate Admissions.

Please note that our admissions materials have transitioned from paper to electronic format. This includes both uploading of application forms, statements, unofficial transcripts and GRE scores, etc. and letters of recommendation.

Required Materials – Deadline: January 15

There are several components to a complete application:

  1. Application to the Astronomy Graduate Program and the Graduate School
  2. Statement of interest
  3. Transcripts
  4. Official GRE Scores (General Exam, the GRE Physics subject exam is NOT required)
  5. Three (3) Letters of Recommendation

Details for each of these components are given below:

  1. Statement of interest: In order to help us evaluate how you might fit into our department, please provide a brief description of your research interests. If you have direct experience with astronomical research, then tell us about the specific problem(s) that you have worked on, what your responsibilities were, what you learned from the process, and how this engagement inspired you to want to apply to graduate school. Also, let us know if you have experience writing papers, delivering presentations or posters, or attending meetings. Alternatively, if you have not been directly involved in research, please tell us which classes, instructors, or other experiences have inspired you to apply to our program. As you write, keep in mind that we are looking to understand how your interests might be a good match for NMSU’s research groups. A CV is not required, but is generally helpful, so feel free to upload one as a separate document.
  2. Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended (unofficial transcripts are acceptable for the initial application; official versions are required for admitted candidates).
  3. The General GRE Exam is required by the Astronomy Department. The Physics subject test is NOT a requirement anymore.
    • The institution code for NMSU is 4531.
    • The department code for astronomy is 0801.
    • Please self-report your GRE scores in the online application form as soon as you receive them if you don’t have the official results to upload at the time. Note that this unofficial communication of your GRE scores will be very helpful, but it is not sufficient for formal admission. We will still need to have the official ETS record of your scores in order to formally accept you into the NMSU program.
  4. Three letters of recommendation. Please make sure to enter the names and contact information for three letter writers in your application. A notification will be sent to them by the system to submit their letters before the deadline.