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Best University for Theoretical Physics

Universities / November 28, 2019

Theoretical physicists hypothesize about the universe’s origins and foundational elements like dark matter.Theoretical physics is a field of scientific study centered on ideas and mathematical models like string theory, elementary particles and field theory. The best universities for an undergraduate in this field have highly ranked Bachelor of Science in Physics programs and distinction for graduate studies in theoretical physics. A university with an advanced theoretical physics program gives undergraduate physics majors access to world-renowned professors and research facilities.

Stanford University

Stanford University has the third best “U.S. News & World Report” ranking for general physics and the top ranking for theoretical physics. The Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics, an internationally renowned scientific research facility, synthesizes university-wide work in the ideas and mathematics that form the foundation of theoretical studies. With specialized programs in condensed matter and high energy, this institute attracts scientists and scholars from around the world. Physics majors find a welcoming community at Stanford as nearly half of the university’s undergraduate students take physics classes as part of their studies.

The University of California at Berkeley

According to “Times Higher Education, ” UC Berkeley possesses the second-best physical science program in the world, and “U.S. News & World Report” also gave the university its number two ranking in theoretical physics. The Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics recognizes the need for partnership and brings together the brightest minds in the international scientific community. Through the use of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the Berkeley Center has situated itself at the center of developments in string theory, particle theory and cosmology. The theoretical physics program at Berkeley places a special emphasis on studies into dark matter and the Higgs boson.

Source: education.seattlepi.com