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Study Space / November 13, 2019

In 1985, The University of Arizona established an interdisciplinary Theoretical Astrophysics Program to foster scientific and academic links amongst the Physics, Astronomy, and Planetary Sciences departments, as well as the Applied Mathematics program and the NOAO. This program administers a colloquium series, a matching grants program, and prizes for student research.

Theoretical Astrophysics Program Membership

The Program is always pleased to recruit new members who would participate in Program activities. The University of Arizona's faculty, researchers and students interested in joining the Program are invited to submit an application directly to any member of the TAP Steering Committee. The application should consist of a CV and a cover letter explaining how their research and training relate to the Theoretical Astrophysics Program. Involvement in Program activities prior to a formal application for membership is not required, but is strongly encouraged. Potential applicants are also encouraged to discuss their application with Steering Committee members.

Applicants can join the Program as "Faculty Affiliate Members", "Research Associate Members" or "Graduate Student Members", as appropriate.

Small Matching Grants Program

The Theoretical Astrophysics Program invites one-page proposals for small matching grants in support of theoretical astrophysics research at The University of Arizona.

TAP Graduate Student Research Prize

For more info regarding this award and how to apply, click link below:

2015 Winner: Youngmin JeongAhn

TAP Steering Committee (2016 - 2017):

Dimitrios Psaltis, Chair
Gurtina Besla
Andrew Youdin
William Hubbard
Isamu Matsuyama
Ina Sarcevic
Shufang Su

TAP Colloquium Organizing Committee (2016 - 2017):