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Should the Government Fund space exploration

Space Exploration / May 23, 2020

If you google it, you won't find anything that says what we've learned, how it helps us, or how we are paying for space exploration! Either get it on google or never use it again! It's like no one cares enough to tell us what we've learned.. Or we haven't learned anything at all!

Incentivize the Private Sector

Gov't run research is not usually successful. Prime examples are derived from Soviet Russia. The public sector (gov't research) has no incentive whatsoever to discover or refine technologies, they don't see another dime. They just get blank checks.

Gov't research doesn't efficiently use resources either, as it has no competition, and gov't doesn't know the proper way to utilize funding, unlike in the private sector in which the scientists know how money should be spent in the best possible way.

I support incentivizing the private sector to create space technology, and creating the modern miracles of medicine, and investing in clean energy. The private sector can do this ultimately more efficiently, more effectively, and has greater innovation without soaking up private capital which grows the economy and helps us all.

I do not believe that space exploration should be a priority for federal funding, especially when we have so many domestic demands and so little funding to go around.

Because there are still so many parts of Earth that we have not fully explored, and because there is no immediate benefit of space exploration, I do not believe that it is deserving of federal funds, more than domestic issues, like education and economic stimulation.

Space exploration does little to improve the lives of citizens, and there are more pressing priorities.

Space exploration should be viewed as a luxury. When the government cannot repay its debts, and when we must deal with hunger, disease, and a crippled economy, it is unconscionable to fund programs that do not directly advance the well-being of the citizens. Space exploration is nice, but we have much more urgent priorities.

I oppose federal spending for space exploration.

With all the things going on in the world right now space exploration needs to take a back seat to all others as far as federal spending goes. We have diseases, economic failures, global warming the disaster in the Gulf and starving people that the money could be better used on. The only thing space exploration is good for is putting up satellites. Really, what else are we going to find out there?

Not while we're in debt

While space exploration should be a priority for the human race as a whole, the government should not fund it if we cannot repay our debts. But we must remember, that space is our top scientific priority. The more we spend on getting into space, and researching in space, the more we learn.

space has aliens

if we spend millions of dollars to send people and materials into space only to be captured by aliens. so we are just supplying the enemy for the intergalactic war. stop supplying the enemy stop space exploration what will happen next? well maybe we could give the aliens nukes then we would all die!
this message brought to you by the president of the
United Airlines.

Waste of time!

Why do we bother? It might pay for some people to feed their families, but it costs us billions of pounds.
Stop funding space exploration. Help people who need the money, and not some rich person looking to get richer with some numbers.