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Should space exploration continue

Space Exploration / May 3, 2018

Nasa is keeping track of asteroids that can destroy in a matter of minutes and also keeps track of all the eaths changes( like climate change.) And yes Nasa does screw up sometimes but who doesn't. So i say more money fore Nasa. Only four percent of americas budget went to NASA this year. For goodness sake more money went to buisness managment, student financial assistance, and homeland secuirty alone not together than NASA. Thats a bunch of crap.

Considering that the budget of NASA is roughly $500 billion per year the impact on the budget from cutting this programs would do nothing to fix the deficit. Also considering that NASA has pushed science to all new heights and new frontiers for nearly 50 years the impact of cutting such an essential part of the science field would be profound. NASA has created many new inventions that help people around the world and should continue its endeavors to land a man on Mars and beyond.

NASA is an organization that delves into science and technology for the well-being of the world. They focus their research on aerospace and the universe, but that is not just it. They do focus their portions on earth studies, as well as technology for the world to use. NASA research has been used to create over 30, 000 different applications, such as insulin pumps, fire fighting gear, weather satellites that prevent thousands because of forewarned hurricanes, and laser heart surgery. Right now, NASA receives about 13 billion dollars a year, less than .5% of the entire GDP. On the other hand, Churches are tax exempt, and save an average of 73 billion dollars a year. They could feed all of the homeless people in the entire United States each year, and have another 72 billion left over with that 73 billion. I understand that Church does charity and helps the needy sometimes, but if that's the case, then why isn't the Red Cross, whose basis is entirely devoted to helping people, tax exempt? NASA's developments are technological and scientific, helping the entire community, while Churches help those that only believe in them, and can even spew hate against certain people because they are being themselves. If you dare to bring up the argument of NASA's funds should be used somewhere else, then you are obviously oblivious of all the corruption and money spent and lost due to politicians who look into themselves as opposed to their people. Have you ever heard of corruption in NASA? I don't think so.

Warp Drive!

Faster than light space travel is mathematically possible! This is no longer just science fiction! Imagine a time were we can travel the stars and colonize other planets; the petty squabbles of humankind will seem trivial! If we do not invest in space exploration it will unquestionably become one of the greatest regrets of our era, a blemish on the history of mankind that will take hundreds of years to recover from.