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Space Exploration / April 6, 2019

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About this project

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The Concept

Space Explorer is a pioneering new model for a large-scale public art exhibition, that inspires exploration, by creating moments of wonder and discovery in everyday surroundings. Space Explorer transcends the restrictions of the stuffy, traditional gallery and utilises mobile phone technology to make the experience richer for everyone. The first instalment in the series - titled Another Space & Time will turn Hackney’s untapped outdoor spaces into a thought provoking journey through North America’s desert communities.


We believe exploration has the power to inspire – bring a sense of wonder - create a sense of freedom- allow us to dream. We want to restore this sense of wonder and adventure to the everyday. It’s all too easy to get lost in the daily routine; by introducing these unexpected moments of wonder into the city, we can change perspective and challenge perception.


We are producing three main ways of engaging with people. Firstly the exhibition and accompanying app. Our first show; entitled Another Space & Time is an audio & visual show by documentary photographer Robin Mellor (that's me) which searches for the meaning of life within the desert communities of North America.

Frank - Another Space & Time

Excerpt from an Interview for TMN:

"Right now the world is going through huge changes: climatically, socially, financially, and spiritually. I think it would benefit us all to consider this question more regularly. We’re bombarded with all sorts of modern superficial distractions and pressures that make us lose sight of what might be important to us.

By asking this question in the desert, you take away these modern distractions. I found people there to be much clearer in their views of the world—unaffected by our modern societal white noise, having had the mental space and time to fully form their views."

The Exhibition

Our first show is launching (with your help!) in Hackney on October 1st, it’s made up of 20 billboard sized images hidden around the streets of Hackney and accompanying soundscape, which is accessed using the Space Explorer App.

The App

The Space Explorer smartphone app uses GPS technology to lead you around the city, Once in the GPS zone of our artwork, the app will immerse you in the bespoke audio soundscape.

The Mag

The free Space Explorer magazine brings you perspective changing stories from pioneering global explorers, as well as showcasing up and coming international photographic talent from the VSCO community.

Talks & Workshops

Frank - Another Space & TimeWe plan to host several days of talks and workshops throughout the exhibition period to educate and inspire the local community. Drawn from a broad range of backgrounds and interests, the common thread of inspiration through exploration will weave its way through our programme.

What's Next?

This is just the start for Space Explorer, we want to spread our empowering spirit of exploration to cities around the world and with your help we can make this a reality.

The Money

We really need your support to help fund Space Explorer, We've got some amazing partners on board who are helping us in numerous ways but we still need this funding to help pay for the printing and installation of the exhibition artwork and to go towards some of the workshops and talks.

We've come this far with favours and savings and now are asking for your backing to help us bring this project to life. We are not looking to profit from Space Explorer but to use it as a vehicle to share and connect through the positive powers of exploration.


The Rewards

Space Explorer Enamel Badge

Space Explorer Enamel Mug

Space Explorer T-Shirt

Another Space & Time Poster

Another Space & Time Postcard Set

Another Space & Time Prints

Another Space & Time Boxed Print Set

The Space Explorer Team

Photography and Interviews: Robin Mellor

Art Direction and Design: Yassa Khan

Design: Beatriz Cóias

App Creation: Ech Design & Dynoden

Sound Design: Hana Walker Brown

Copy Writing: Lucy Stehlik, Rupert Murphy & Robin Mellor

Production: Naomi Henderson

Special Thanks:

Mark Smith, Ruth Holland, Jenny Leighton, Danni Mohammed, James Copeman, Ollie Wolfe, Emma Gibson, Nadine Monem, Bindi Kaufmann & Anna Sian.

Risks and challenges

This project is primed and ready to go! We feel confident if we meet our funding targets then we'll push ahead with the project with no further delays.

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Space Explorer Enamel Badge Space Explorer Enamel Mug