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Space experiments for middle school

Schools / May 21, 2018

March 29, 2017: Students from Bearden Middle are entering the next stage of an out-of-this world experiment they are conducting.


Bearden Middle Schools students saw their science experiment for the first time Wednesday since its launch to space last month.

The students' experiment on the effect of microgravity on the efficacy of antibiotics on a strain of the pink eye virus stayed in space for two weeks at the International Space Station.

"It feels really good to know we worked on something that went to space, " said Alex Hoffman, a student who worked on the project at Bearden Middle School.

"It's kind of cool to be so young and to be part of something so big, " he said.

Students were excited to see their experiment for the first time since they sent it off to space. The students traveled to Florida to watch the SpaceX rocket launch with their experiment on board.

WATCH: SpaceX rocket launches with East TN experiment on board

The students passed the experiment to a University of Tennessee professor who will now analyze the results. They will get the experiment and results back again on April 12.

Source: www.wbir.com