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Constellation Project for middle school

Schools / December 12, 2018

"Most of the time, I relieve my stress by writing. Also, I make sure to laugh and have fun, despite my difficult situations." - Brad, 18 (CA)

The Coming Out Constellation is a great way to help organize your thoughts. You can also write out the pros and cons you might feel about coming out. Each arm of the star matches up with chapter questions from "Coming Out As You."

SUPPORT: Supportive people can make a big difference. Who do you know - including Trevor - who is there to support you?

ENVIRONMENT: When might a good time be to come out? Where? At school, what resources are available to help you feel safe?

INTERESTS: Gender and sexual orientation are just two parts of who you are - what other interests and quirks make you, you?

SELF-CARE: Thinking about coming out can be emotional. To stay healthy, what helps you get through tough times?

RESOURCES: The Trevor Project is always here for you, 24/7. What other resources do you have in your area?