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Astronomy Worksheets high school

Schools / November 9, 2018

• Astronomy Scavenger Hunt (pdf) - A series of "Who am I?" questions in a crossword format to explore the history of astronomy. Originally contributed by Stacy Baker

• Past and Present Scavenger Hunt (pdf) - Explore Roman and Greek myths and their relationship to astronomy with this worksheet from Stacy Baker.

• Surprise on Mars (pdf) - Worksheet created by Stacy Baker to explore Mars!

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Classroom Lessons

Adopt-A-Constellation (T.(Trimpe) Tomm, Havana Junior High, Havana, IL)

This activity may be used as a stand along project or integrated with an astronomy unit. Students research a constellation using various reference materials (such as internet links, see Kids Links), create a "view" of their constellation, and complete a fact sheet. I allow at least two class periods for this project - one for research and another for constructing the viewer. The viewer makes an excellent assessment tool for tests - challenge students to identify constellations using the viewers created by their classmates.