Colleges that Offer Astronomy

Colleges / July 17, 2018


Astronomy is the study of space and celestial objects. Individuals in this field are responsible for identifying such objects, determining their mass, composition, orbit, and any other factors that are interesting or relevant. Astronomers provide study and research in order to better understand how the universe work.

Education and Schools

Individuals may pursue a master’s degree, though a doctorate is typically required for positions relating to astronomy research. The field of astronomy is closely tied to physics, requiring the use of physics to better determine the movement, composition, age and other information regarding celestial objects. Additionally, individuals will learn about machines and tools used for identifying and examining such objects. A strong background in mathematics is required.

A curriculum may include:

  • Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Statistics
  • Calculus

Schools that maintain or are near observatory’s that allow for viewing of space and objects allow students to experience astronomy principles and practice firsthand. Practical experience is in important tool for education to become realized, and assists in the students development. Some schools may have active research projects regarding astronomy, which can be very desirable, as such experience may assist in obtaining a permanent position after completion.

Employment Opportunities

Employment growth is expected to remain steady for astronomers. This is due to the expected funding over the next decade that allows for such employment through research project, often in conjunction with agencies and universities. Increased interest in space, particularly travel and phenomena will result in the creation of newer projects that may extend for several years. Given the relatively small number of individuals in this field, employment should be readily available.

Source: www.matchcollege.com