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Astronomy College Majors

Colleges / June 10, 2017

The range of astronomical phenomena is vast–from the Hot Big Bang origin of the Universe, to the death throes of collapsing stars, to the canyons of Mars. Any study of astronomy is enriched by a firm understanding of the physics underlying these phenomena. Our curriculum is shaped to provide our majors with a solid foundation in the basic principles of astronomy and physics, an understanding of the most recent developments in astronomy and cosmology, and the tools and inspiration to pursue further learning in the sciences.

Student research is a vital part of the major. Extraordinary teachers and mentors, our faculty also work at the cutting edge of modern astronomy and cosmology, creating exceptional research opportunities for majors. Some of those opportunities are based on campus, within the College’s well-equipped William J. Strawbridge Observatory; others take students across the country to observatories such as the one at Kitt Peak in Arizona.