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Beginners Guide to Astrophysics

Astrophysics / September 14, 2019

I would not recommend Cosmos-Carl Sagan if u want to read some details of the universe in the modern viewpoint and wish to know the surprising and startling facts that the general people are not acquainted to (Haven’t the slightest idea, why people are not told these things, probably government conspiracy).

Start with Stephen Hawking-The Universe in a Nutshell.

And, there will be no need to read the other books of Stephen Hawking (if you are not a millionaire)

Carl Sagan is more inclined with history and the absolutely pitiable status of astrophysics in our community. Although it give’s some beautiful description of evolution and the solar system.

And, then Brian Greene, The Elegant Universe and/or The fabrics of the cosmos. (Hoping you will get the interest of String theory right from the beginning).

But, you must get some thorough reading of Special Relativity. And don’t be confused with dimensions (because everyone is).