Dina Drozdov, Astrophysics PhD

Astrophysics PHD

Astrophysics / April 12, 2019

The Masters degree in Astrophysics, Particle Physics and Cosmology offered by the University of Barcelona is aimed at students with a science degree or diploma (especially physics) or diploma-level engineers who wish to undertake specialist studies in one of the following areas: astrophysics and space sciences, atomic, nuclear and particle physics, gravitation and cosmology.
The duration and content of the degree are variable and depend on the student's prior experience.

What is its aim?

The main aim of the Masters degree is to provide students with the skills needed to conduct research in one of the above fields, or in related areas, by means of interdisciplinary modules that are also included in the syllabus.

Where does it lead?

This Master degree is focussed on allowing the student to subsequently undertake a PhD Thesis. This does not exclude, however, the mere academic issue.
Nonetheless, it also provides a general training that is highly valued in both the public and private sectors and opens up a wide range of professional possibilities.

Source: icc.ub.edu