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Astronomy Science Fair project ideas

Astronomy / November 23, 2016

Cool Space & Astronomy Science Fair Project Ideas

Follow the movement of stars in the night sky.

Create a model mars rover that can handle rocky surfaces.

Study the phases of the moon.

Discuss the idea of life on another planet.

What kind of affect does solar weather have on Earth?

Study the Big Bang theory.

Make your own constellations from stars in the night sky.

Research the chances of Earth being hit by a large asteroid in the next 100 years.

Study the lifespan of the sun relative to other stars.

Research Halley’s Comet.

Make a sundial to help you tell the time.

How does the temperature vary from the center of the sun to the surface?

Why do planets orbit the sun in an elliptical shape?

Is it possible for two planets in our solar system to collide?

How big does an object need to be for it to not totally disintegrate when traveling through Earth’s atmosphere?

Make an argument that black holes don’t exist.

Why is there a higher concentration of stars in some parts of the night sky relative to others?

Study different types of stars including how they end their life cycles.

Source: www.sciencekids.co.nz