Astronomy Course

Astronomy a level courses

Astronomy / September 28, 2018

The 200-level courses in our Department consist of solely lecture and tutorial-based papers, mixed lecture and laboratory papers and solely laboratory-based papers. Lectures are in the rooms noted, while the laboratories and tutorials are in the Physics and Astronomy (denoted P&A) building.

First semester courses are examined at midyear (late June or early July) and second semester courses at the end of the year (late October or early November).

The lecturer for each course will confirm the assessment arrangements for the course in the first lecture.

Students aiming to major in Physics or Astronomy should discuss their choice of courses with the 200-level supervisor. A student intending to major in Physics or Astronomy would normally take all of the second-year Physics courses PHYS203, 205, 206, and 285 and at least 30 points of 200-level mathematics, including MATH201, and most student will also take MATH202 and/or MATH203. Students intending to progress to 400 level should take 30 points of 200-level mathematics.

Further advice

If you have further questions, direct them as appropriate to:

200 Level Supervisor of Studies

Chris Gordon
200-level Advisor
Room 720, Phone: +64 3 3695156 Internal 95156