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Career in Space Science in Indian

About Space / December 2, 2016

Space technology provides a multitude of career options to explore in the space industry. This article lets you discover the various career opportunities, education and courses in space science in India.

Gone are those days when students were highly influenced by the creamy layer of career options, say doctors and engineers, and began chasing them ever since they cleared their 10th class examinations. The modern lifestyle and advanced technologies has given way for myriad alternatives to pursue a career in. One among them is space science. If the new discoveries about the solar system or studying satellites and their connection with the Earth have urged that dream within you, then its time that you fulfill it and make your country proud. Whether it is disaster management, weather forecasting, satellite navigation, or global communications, the space industry has plenty to offer.

Space technology, or space science, is a broad term in itself, which includes astronomy and astrophysics, prametary atmospheres and aeronomy, earth sciences, and solar system studies. Initially, these four disciplines were broadly classified under astronomy, but the recent boom has led to the categorization of space science into numerous sub-branches, some of them being cosmology, stellar science, planetary science, astronomy, astrology, and so on. This branch of science, or engineering, revolves around studying the Universe, excluding the Earth and outside the Earths atmosphere. Ever since India launched its satellite Rohini-1 from Sriharikota Island, space exploration and technology has continued to bring great honor and respect to the country. Help your nation touch new heights and achieve high-flying success by making a flourishing career in space science.

Course Details
To make a career in space science, space applications, or space technology, an expertise of science subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is a must. These subjects can be pursued at Bachelors programs after completing 10+2 level from science stream. Graduate courses can also be taken up in relevant disciplines of space technology/space science offered by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and other institutions, such as 4-year B.Tech program or 3-year B.Sc course. On obtaining a Bachelors degree, one can seek admission in post graduation course in space science and technology and other space related fields. To become an expert in any specialized field, pursuing a PhD degree is compulsory. In fact, most professionals working in space science are PhD holders.